How much hair do I need?

We suggest

2 bundles or more for length 14-16"Inches 
3 bundles or more for lengths 18-26" Inches

4 or more bundles for 28-30" Inches

5 or more bundles for 32"-34" Inches

How much does each bundle weigh?

100 g each

Does hair shed?

Minimum shedding which is normal

Hair life span?

2.5-5 years under good care

Take care of your hair like it’s your own & your hair will last

Can I bleach this hair?

Yes our hair is 100% virgin human hair, silky and smooth, not easy to tangle & very easy to dye & restyle 

  • If you have no experience in dying Extensions please take to a professional!

Deep wave & Wavy Curl :  If you have deep wave or any curly textured hair extensions and plan to wear the hair wavy or curly you should apply our defining/Curly hair mousse control while the hair is wet. (located under products) Using our foam will last your curl pattern

Morning & Night routine?

Always wrap your hair at night with bonnet & scarf wrap ( located under accessories) & brush extensions from ends to scalp everyday

Can I swim in this hair?

Yes, We recommend for you to braid your hair up, please wash your hair right after swimming for better results & do not go to bed with your hair wet it can become matted & tangled

Hair products to use to wash?

High quality shampoo & deep condition at least once a week ( We recommend Tresemme ) Avoid hair products & oils that weighs the hair down and lose volume 

  • Light shampoo, deep condition/leave in for at least an hour

#613 tips?

#613 Blonde is very fragile and high maintenance 

Wash weekly & keep hair hydrate with Our oil you can purchase under accessories *1 or 2 drops each time you wash will do the trick!

DOLLS, most importantly take care of your hair like it's your own! It’s your crown, wear it, wash it & most of all embrace it!